Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We Are New Residents --- And This Is Why

Branson, Missouri was a favorite get-away spot for my aunt and uncle for many years. Each fall they would take their travel trailer to Cooper Creek Resort Campground for several weeks. They had many friends from all around the country that joined them there. Other family members made regular trips to Branson and I began to hear more and more about the theaters, entertainers and fun spots.

So in 1997 I made my first trip to Branson. I was hooked and started my own regular treks to the Missouri Ozarks. I was here on September 11, 2001 and found a warmth of community that I had not experienced in other "tourist meccas". My Navy son, stationed in Japan at the time, was able to get an emergency message through to the resort office who promptly tracked me down. They continued to check on his welfare, as well as every one of their guests. Every hotel, theater, entertainer, restaurant, and amusement park was sensitive to the myriad of emotions their guests were experiencing.

Fast forward six years: my parents moved here in 2002; I found the love of my life and got married in 2004; and we had made nearly a dozen trips to Branson. The last trip was in October 2007 when we brought everything we own to our new home in the beautiful country hills of the Missouri Ozarks.

Why did we move here? Because a vacation trip just wasn't long enough to see and do everything this area has to offer! This is why I am writing this blog: I am passionate about the future of Branson! I am dedicated to busting the myths and showcasing Branson as a family entertainment community that will provide something for everyone in the family for generations to come.

Please visit this blog often! There is much to tell!

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