Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BillyGail's Cafe --- Surprise Birthday Card Shower for Gail!!

Billy Gail's Cafe is open 7:00 am to 2:00 pm everyday.

Way back in March of 2009 I posted a story about BillyGail's Cafe in Branson, MO.  At that time they had just won the 417 Magazine Best Breakfast and the accolades continued to roll in.  So did the customers!  During their winter break in 2010 Billy and Gail expanded their kitchen to accommodate all their new friends as well as the faithful regulars.

When I met Billy and Gail in February 2009 it was love at first sight, as it is for so many who meet them.  During these nearly three years I have grown to love them like family and I call Gail my Fairy Godmother.  If you ask her about that she will cheerfully show you the Fairy Godmother that she has hanging over the front counter.

One of the most remarkable and energetic women I've ever known, Gail greets everyone with her twinkling blue eyes and a warm smile --- usually a big hug, too!  She has little baskets of toys for the kiddies to keep them occupied and a snorting piggy to congratulate anyone who consumes the famous Belly Buster!  In Gail's establishment you don't just come to eat.  You come to have fun, meet friends -- old and new, and your spirits are lifted.

How would you like to show Gail some love and appreciation?
 On December 10, 2011 she will be 75 years old!  
I can only hope I have half her energy at 75.  Heck, I don't have that now!  
Imagine how those twinkling blue eyes will light up on her birthday as dozens ---- no, HUNDREDS of birthday cards come rolling in!!  So how about sending her a quick note full of birthday love and best wishes?  Come on, you know you want to!!

Here's the address:
Gail Blong
BillyGail's Cafe
5291 Hwy 265
Branson, MO 65616
Phone: (417) 338-8883

Gail does not know that I am posting this --- let's make it a big surprise!  Thanks everyone!

Update December 11, 2011:  Gail had a WONDERFUL birthday yesterday!  She was surprised and delighted when the birthday cards began coming in. She received over 150 cards!! Her staff told me that Gail just kept asking how everyone knew it was her 75th birthday.  I finally solved the puzzle for her by giving her a copy of the blog post above.  Thanks to everyone who sent her cards and visited the restaurant to wish her a happy birthday!