Sunday, April 14, 2013

Live Previews at Branson's Breakfast With the Stars --- Ledgestone Clubhouse, Stonebridge Resort

To see LIVE PREVIEWS of shows to see in Branson......... and enjoy a delicious breakfast, mark your calendar for Monday mornings 9:00-11:00. 

 "Breakfast With the Stars" at the Ledgestone Clubhouse at Stonebridge Resort. This is a great opportunity for Ozarks' visitors and residents alike to see a sampling of the exciting variety of live entertainment here in Branson.  


Hosted by Steve Crawford, himself a talented and versatile singer, Breakfast With the Stars is from 9:00-11:00 a.m. every Monday.  Along with the entertainment visitors will enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet for just $12.00 inclusive.

Here is a sampling of the stars we've met at "Breakfast With the Stars" on Monday mornings, 9:00-11:00.


John Tweed's incredible four octave voice is legendary.  Along with his daughter Sarah, the Tweeds take music to new heights! You will enjoy their new show "Reelin' in the Years" which is showing at the all new Americana Theater.  You can expect the best of the 70s and more.  Come and find out more about the Tweeds.... and the Free Dinner with every ticket to their show!

 For days and showtimes click here.


Here are three of the Duttons giving a sampling of their instrumental flexibility -- and agility. Besides being one of the most popular family shows in Branson, the award-winning Duttons have been finalists on "America's Got Talent" and take their family variety show on the road during the off-season, most recently to their theater in Mesa, Arizona. Their enormously entertaining show is seen at their Branson Dutton Family Theater at 3454 W 76 Country Blvd.

For days and showtimes click here.


George Dyer was named 2012 Male Vocalist of the Year by Branson Show Awards, and it's no wonder! As they say "If you like Josh Groban, Mario Lanza, or Il Divo you'll love Geoge Dyer!"  Also appearing at The Dutton Family Theatre, 3454 W 76 Country Blvd, Mr. Dyer presents a show the entire family will love.

For days and showtimes click here.  

I consider myself a Neil Diamond "officionado" so when I had the chance to see a sample of Keith Allynn's tribute to Neil I said, in true Missouri fashion --- SHOW ME!  Well, he not only showed me, but I could have closed my eyes and sworn that I was listening the the Real Neil!  Keith is one of only four Neil Diamond impersonators who is officially endorsed by the ND organization..... that's pretty high praise!  See this Two-time tribute show of the year at the Jim Stafford Theater, 3440 Hwy 76 Country Blvd.  It's the only show in Branson at 10:30 a.m. --- easy enough to remember!

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Cassandre, the voice of an angel, along with Aunt Erma, Timothy Haygood, Jeremy Rabe and the Stardust Band, dazzle their audiences with songs from every decade since the 40's as well as selections from Broadway, Gospel and more...... plus side-splitting comedy!  Cassandre has been voted Female Vocalist three years running!  Come and see why!

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The new kid in town for 2013 is Joey I.L.O., with his Pure Comedy Show at the Jim Stafford Theater.  As he say, "stand up that makes you fall down laughing!"  After seeing the sample he brought to the Breakfast with the Stars, this is definitely a show I want to see more of!

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In its 18th season in Branson, Red, Hot.....& Blue is a high energy troupe of singers and dancers that take you through the decades with over 60 songs, 100 costume changes, and more surprises.  As are all Branson shows, this is one for the whole family. At the Clay Cooper Theatre,  3216 W Hwy 76.

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Here's something different for the amateur detective in you.  Ozark Murder Mysteries at the Branson Central Theater, 625 Hwy 125, offers six exciting shows, including "Marriage is Murder".  

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We are off to a great 2013 Season of Breakfast With the Stars! Come on out to 50 Stonebridge Dr, tell the friendly gatekeeper that you are there for "Breakfast With the Stars" at the Ledgestone Clubhouse, and enjoy your visit!  Thanks for coming --- and tell your friends!

Follow Stonebridge Parkway down the hill until you see the left turn to the Ledgestone Clubhouse.