Monday, July 21, 2008

Branson Landing Fire and Water

Back in March I posted some pictures of the new Branson Landing and featured the dancing waters of the fountain in the center square. That was before the Fire and Water attraction started up for the season. Just a few short steps away from the center fountain is the beautiful Branson Landing Towne Square Amphitheater. Lined with thousands of blooming flowers, this is an attractive place to relax during a day of shopping. Nearby kiosks offer refreshing soft drinks and snacks.

The Amphitheater faces Lake Taneycomo, so whether on land or water, the sights and sounds of the entertaining fountains and live concerts are free to all. Live shows are weekly, sometimes more often. Coming this Saturday, July 26, at 8 PM is a concert by Cruize Control - A Jimmy Buffet Tribute Band.

Every day, at the top of the hour from noon to 10 pm, the music that accompanies the visitors throughout the mall stops. There are a few silent moments of anticipation, then the music in the Amphitheater cranks up, and the fountain on the lakefront shoots high into the sky and the cannons fire flames, all in time to the music. Every hour a different song. During the 7 pm hour there are three programs, and every day at noon, 7 pm and 10 pm is a special presentation of the Star Spangled Banner. I never get tired of watching this program!

If you happen to be dining at Cantina Laredo or Texas Land and Cattle Steakhouse relax at one of their outdoor tables for a ringside seat of the Fire and Water, as well as the watercraft activity on the lake! Oh, and the food is excellent at both restaurants!

Don't miss Branson Landing. Whether you live here or are visiting, there is something special waiting for you!

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