Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcome to "The Family Branson"

Welcome to Branson!
(Note: the advanced date above is to keep this post at the top of the selection.)

I decided to write this blog when we made the beautiful Ozarks our home in 2007.  Though raised in Iowa I lived in Arizona most of my adult life but began visiting Branson in 1997.  When family ties tugged at our hearts we left the desert behind and headed back to the Midwest.

Living here allows me to truly appreciate the scope of talent, attractions, and natural beauty which attract millions of visitors every year.  As I take in the sights I like to share photos with family and friends.  I found blogging to be the best way to do that, which also extends to our visitors.

Feel free to browse my stories here, check out some links, share your experiences in the comments sections, and enjoy your visit.  Thank you for stopping by!

More about our move HERE.

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